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A healthy Wolbert's lawn

A healthy Wolbert's lawn

With our competent staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to safely and effectively apply our complex fertilizer and organic additives in liquid form. We are confident that beautiful, healthy turf can be enjoyed with no unreasonable risk to human, pets, wildlife, or the environment. Control products (pesticides) are rarely needed when plants, including grass plants, are healthy.

Our liquid bio-fertilizer contains USDA Organic Compliant, plant sourced microbes and fulvic acid. These additives are essential to nutrient cycling and the break-down of dead organic matter in the thatch layer. These naturally occurring compounds are not derived from bio-active composts or manures so they are socially acceptable with no offensive odors. Iron (ferrous sulfate, similar to what are found in vitamins) is an essential element in plant health and is included in all of our treatments.

Liquid treatments

Since all our treatments (except lime) are liquid, there are no particles scattered about on hard surfaces or ornamental beds. This on-target application method reduces the chance of our products ending up in a public water system or body of water.

Liquid formulas can be changed at will, giving great flexibility in product choice. When weather conditions change, i.e. drought or heavy rain, we can alter the formula to maximize results.

Our unique liquid delivery system  allows us to inject control products right on the spot where they are needed. For example, a lawn that only has a few weeds will not be blanket sprayed with herbicide; weeds will be treated individually. This practice minimizes the use of control products, one of our major goals.

Greenskeeper Plus Lawn Care

  • Periodic liquid treatments.
  • Complex bio-fertilizer with organic components (13 nutrients + organic additives).
  • Lawn pest management treatments as needed.

A program of periodic [liquid treatments] providing eco-responsible, complex bio-fertilizer and protection from harmful pests, resulting in outstanding performance from your lawn. We provide this high-quality yearly program at a very reasonable cost - often lower than other firms - all things considered.

GreensKeeper Plus is a lawn health care program that has been continuously improved over many years, focusing on healthy soil, not just green grass. The complex relationship between healthy soil and healthy plants has been widely studied and documented by universities and independent sources for many years.

Recognizing that healthy soil & turf will need many components to thrive, we have developed a very high quality treatment program that includes at least thirteen macro/micro-nutrients and USDA Organic Compliant, plant sourced microbes and fulvic acid. Most over-the-counter fertilizers have three or four ingredients. GreensKeeper Plus treatments are an extravagant offering for turf.

While applying bio-fertilizer, Karl can spot treat for pests like broadleaf weeds and crane fly larvae without applying control products to the entire lawn.

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LawnEssentials includes three liquid bio-fertilizer treatments with the same biological/organic additives found in GreensKeeper Plus treatments. Treatments are spaced 2-3 months apart, during the rainy season (Oct-May)  Winter and spring treatments include a high rate of iron. Broadleaf weed and Crane Fly larvae control are included in this program on an as-needed basis. WaterMax Moisture Aid is included in the LawnEssentials program during the Spring and Fall season. WaterMax aids the movement of water through hydrophobic sod and soil and helps retain moisture in very porous soils. It also shortens recovery time after drought and helps drainage during the rainy season.

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Natural Lawn Care

  • At your request, we eliminate all control products (pesticides).
  • Bio-fertilizer treatments are identical to our GreensKeeper Plus program.

As noted above Natural Lawn Care is a program of treatments identical to our GreensKeeper Plus Lawn Care program but all control products, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are eliminated. The program focuses on nutrition with liquid bio-fertilizer components. Control of pests that may arise- weeds, insects and disease- is the responsibility of the property owner.

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Some Common Lawn Pests



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Problem solving and pre-landscape consulting available.

There are times when advice and ideas are very helpful. The experience we have gained over the years can really help when problems arise. We are problem solvers and can help you find solutions to any landscape needs from ancient trees to potted plants. The very best way to avoid problems is to plan well before a landscape is installed. Most landscape problems we encounter could have be avoided with better planning and discovery prior to construction and installation. Help is just a phone call away.

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Referral Bonus: We Pay You $30.00

Refer a neighbor or friend to us and if they order treatments* we’ll send you $30.00! We know the best way for us to grow is by customer referral, so we’d rather reward you then spend money on media advertising. Growing by referral means we will need to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, something we’ve always worked hard to accomplish.

*($500 annual minimum program is required. Make sure you ask them to mention your name so we know who send the check to!)

Another healthy Wolberts lawn

A healthy Greenskeeper Plus lawn