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Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron

pumping iron

Iron is one of the essential nutrients required for healthy turf. It is a key part of chlorophyll production, root growth, and photosynthesis.  Want a beautiful green lawn without overstimulating growth? Iron is the answer.  At Wolbert’s, our bio-fertilizer blend provides iron throughout the year, with a special emphasis in Winter and Spring. During these cool, wet months, we “pump up” the iron, increasing the amount in the bio-fertilizer blend. This increase allows iron to play its supporting role in lawn health:  deterring moss.  In higher doses, iron interacts with moss tissue and initiates a process of darkening, shrinking, and desiccating. This special “pumped up” formula is only viable while the weather remains cool and wet, so contact us now if your lawn needs a strongman to bulk up the green and push out that moss!

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It's time to start monitoring for crane fly activity


Monitor turf areas starting in December, looking for thin patches. Larvae are typically found in the top 1 inch of turf, so sampling is fairly straightforward by removing sod and counting larvae. A common clue that ECF or CCF are present is a high level of bird activity on the turf. Consider treating when larval populations reach 25-50 or more per square foot and turf thinning is apparent. Brown patches in turf which are observed in mid to late summer could be a sign of CCF damage, but are most likely due to inadequate irrigation.

Check out this resource for everything you’d ever want to know about
crane flies.

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Home Shield Pest Prevention, is a monitoring and treatment program designed to protect dwellings and structures from wood destroying and nuisance insects and rodents.

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