Your trees may be saying “Feed me!”


Late fall is a great time to apply fertilizer to trees and shrubs. Plants that are growing in manicured or “sterile” landscapes where leaves are routinely picked up and disposed of, are at risk for low fertility and a failure to thrive. Decaying leaves and duff are a good breeding ground for beneficial micro-organisms as well as a source of nitrogen. When they are removed, the soil ends up depleted of all the goodies that plants need to survive.

If you have no threshold for a “messy”, leaf -covered landscape in the fall and winter, we would recommend a fall fertilizer application to replenish the soil and feed those hungry plants. Our SuperRoots program is designed to meet the need for a balanced fertilizer, micro-nutrients and mycorrhizael fungal spores. Live, plant-based microbes in fulvic acid round out this compliment to give soils and roots a boost all year long. If you want lush, green foliage and big, colorful blossoms, consider our SuperRoots program for fall and spring.