Winter Weather Predictions

We seem to be starting off the New Year with a chilly bang.  Weather conditions affect what I do as a weed tech here at Wolberts so I was curious as to what the future might hold. No crystal ball here, and what I found are two completely opposite forecasts for the Pacific North West. I guess it will be a wait and see what happens kind of winter. Oh did I happen to mention that whilst it’s chilly here, the Boss and the Missus are basking in Hawaii.bosses

The Climate Prediction Center forecast for January through March is for an increased chance of above-normal temperatures for the entire state and even higher chances — 70 percent — for Western Washington. Precipitation is expected to be below normal.

However if you are a Farmer’s Almanac fan , look for winter to be cooler and rainier than normal, with above-normal snowfall.

The Climate Prediction Center

The Farmer’s Almanac