Winter shows its Teeth

About the time we were starting to see hints of spring teasing us with early blooming plants and robin song, the “Polar Vortex” we had been watching from behind our mountains suddenly nudged us with its icy fingers. Cold air poured in from the north briefly mixing with damp pacific air, dusting the Northwest with dry snow. Forecasters were conservative with low-temp guesses over the last few days (Nineteen degrees here as of this writing) with high temps barely breaching freezing. More snow and low temps are expected through the middle of February.
Unfortunately, these weather conditions have a big impact on our operations here at Wolbert’s Plant Essentials. With snow on the ground, we are unable to apply any products to your landscape, whether lawn applications, tree treatments or weed control. It’s been a few years since we have had to shut down and wait for a thaw, with mostly mild winter conditions being the norm.
We are spoiled by the opportunity to operate year-round here in the Pacific Northwest, only putting up with excessive rainfall for the most part. Our contemporaries in the Midwest shut down for months in the winter, every year, as part of their normal operations.
We ask for your patience as we wait for this cold snap to loosen so we can deliver your scheduled treatments once again.

Your Wolbert’s team