As we head toward spring of 2016


As we head toward spring of 2016, it is clear that the pendulum has swung back into a more familiar Northwest weather pattern. In fact, it has swung all the way back to a previous rainfall record set in 1999 when there was measurable rain fall every day for 90 days straight. I remember it well as the winter that my families’ home was built. Somehow the building crew found partial days to pour concrete and put the roof on!

As for us at Wolbert’s, this is a normal challenge we face nearly every spring, making applications to your landscape between waves of rain squalls. Some of our treatments are best done during rainy weather (SuperRoots, systemic tree injections) but others require drier weather (Vegetation management, lawn weed control). Lawn fertilizing is an all-weather application unless there is too much standing water on your lawn. Control of rain-spread fungus on trees and shrubs can be done on a drizzly day, but not with a steady downpour. Structural pest control can be done in almost any weather.

This time of year, our techs are constantly watching incoming weather radar, down to the half-hour, to make the most of any dry weather that becomes available. We’ve become skilled at this out of necessity and the desire to serve our customers in a timely manner. The only weather that prohibits most of our activity is significant snowfall and prolonged snow coverage, which has not been a major problem in many years.

What wet weather does to encourage damaging fungus pathogens on new leaves and blossoms in your landscape, also serves to discourage the early emergence of damaging insect activity on landscape plants and in your home.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about your landscape, home pest control challenges or just want to weigh in on any subjects you find on our blog pages!

Hoping for sunshine before the gills are fully formed…

Evan Ogden
Senior Tree tech/ Home shield tech