Those Beautiful, Pesky, Deer


Naturally we enjoy seeing wild animals but not so much when they damage our landscapes. Deer, on the other hand, enjoy our landscapes for their tender, juicy offerings. Roses and arborvitae are among their favorite treats and it can be particularly disappointing to anticipate gorgeous blooms and wake up to find our beautiful rose buds and blooms neatly clipped off.


Deer browsing on arborvitae, one of their favorites.


Rose blooms are just too tasty to pass up for those pesky browsers.

Deer fencing that’s tall enough (8′-9′) is a very effective deterrent, just don’t leave the gate open!  Another way to gain control is to apply a repellent on plants that are targets for browsers. There are many on the market but the best one is a blood meal product that discourages feeding by activating the deer’s instinct of self-preservation. Deer are prey and are always on the alert for anything that can harm them.

The smell of blood causes a couple of things to happen. The deer sense that something has died, danger is present, be alert – move on!  Secondly, instead of looking like food, individual plants now smell like death and are to be avoided. To the human, the smell lingers for a short period then fades, but to the browsers it remains detectable up to three months.

Blood meal repellents are being successfully used by professional growers and Wolbert’s is pleased to offer treatments with the same professional grade, OMRI listed product. Click the link below for more info.

Thank You!

Bert Forster, Senior Tech

NoBrowse Deer Repellent Program

Put away the shotgun and call. It will be far less noisy and totally guilt free!

Bert Forster, Senior Tech

Bert Forster, Senior Tech