Thank you, “Expert”


Thank you, “Expert”

We’ve received several calls from customers recently, telling us that an individual was observed in their front yards, inspecting landscape plants and then ringing the doorbell to inform them that their rhododendrons were infected with “blight”. They were said to have gone on to question whether their current landscape care company was “really doing their job”.

Of course the seeds of alarm and doubt were sowed, and in every case, prompted a call to us. Out I went, hackles up, ready to defend our reputation and service. Upon my inspection of the plants in question, the “blight”, pointed out by the blight “expert”, always turned out to be normal late season leaf yellowing and senescence. At first, this struck me as an annoying affront to the trust we work hard at building with our clients as we strive to educate them about what “normal” looks like and what plant problems we can (and can’t) correct with our inputs. But, after a couple of customer visits to quell the confusion and re-establish the facts of the matter, I realized how valuable those interactions were and began to relish the opportunity to again reinforce a trusting relationship.

I am grateful for the confidence extended to us by our clients, and their willingness to call us for clarification in the face of conflicting information or a hard sell from another company.

All to say, although there are companies out there doing good business in a field very much based on trust, many of them, because of their employee compensation systems and publically-owned financial goals, have moved away from ideas like seeking high customer retention or practicing patient, personal service.

So, to you commission-driven sales folks out there, keep up the good work of illuminating the value of Wolbert’s Plant Essentials!

Evan Ogden
Senior Staff