Rats: What can we learn from NYC

If you’ve been to New York City, you will understand how sharing the environment with rats is just part of the culture there. Its now true of every major metropolis in the U.S. where man has created the perfect set of conditions to support these adaptive omnivores. These rodents (one who gnaws) have reproduced and spread out to rural areas and we now see many right here in Thurston county. No longer relegated to trash dumps and wharfs, they regularly show up on rural farms as well as your local Golf and Country clubs and all points in between. Since we now have no choice but to share our countryside with these uninvited visitors, we can at least make smart choices about making our personal property less attractive to them. With an integrated approach of structure exclusion, denial of food and water sources along with responsible trapping and baiting, we can discourage rat activity and limit health and property damage risks. Here is an interesting video featuring renowned NYC rodentologist Bobby Corrigan, talking about the rat scourge in the Big Apple: