Rats, mice and stress


Although there are several rodents that could be considered pests in the Northwest, rats and mice are the 2 species noted for consistently infesting and damaging homes and businesses as well as posing a health risk to humans. Mice have been an ongoing part of the pest control challenge here in the Northwest for as long as there have been settlements here. Norway rats have plagued the waterfronts of Puget Sound for nearly as long, having been accidentally imported on ships from Europe.

Recently, our shipping industry has given rise to a fairly new rodent pest in the Northwest, The Asiatic Tree Rat or more commonly, Roof Rat. These rats are capable of traveling long distances on power lines, trees and are happy to adapt to all kinds of environmental and weather conditions. Populations of these vermin have exploded exponentially over the last few years and are now being seen all over Thurston County and elsewhere around developed Puget Sound areas. The pest control industry has had to adjust quickly to this new challenge.


Droppings from traffic through an unfinished electrical outlet

For a homeowner, dealing with any kind of rodent infestation can be frustrating if not unnerving, especially if your living space is being exploited for their food or harborage. We at Wolberts’ understand this and want to offer you a solution to an ongoing rodent problem or help in preventing an infestation in the future. It is not uncommon to have ongoing rodent activity taking place right under your feet, in your crawl-space, without your knowledge. We can help by stopping them before their activity extends into your living space.


Bird feeders make an excellent rodent food source

Cache of eggs pilfered from the homestead chicken coop

Cache of eggs pilfered from the homestead chicken coop

Our approach to rodent control is one of cooperation with you, the homeowner, in denying the rodent any resources that may have attracted it to your home in the first place, whether food, water or nesting sites. Rodent exclusion, trapping and baiting are also methods we can implement to discourage an infestation. We use only the safest, most effective means to accomplish our agreed upon goals to help you attain a rodent-free environment.

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