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Re-visiting Lawn troubles…weed grasses – poa and velvetgrass

May is the “Go!” month for lawns.  As the soil warms, top growth accelerates and roots grow quickly.  That goes for weed grasses too, like annual bluegrass, velvetgrass, bentgrass and quackgrass.  First up is Poa… From MSU on Poa species; “Annual bluegrass is unique among weeds. There is probably no other weed that is so…

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Some are not likin’ the Lichen

Frequently I get inquiries about whether the light green lichens growing on trees and shrubs in our area is a sign of plant decline or if they are killing the plants they reside on. The answer to the first question is: Possibly Lichens area slow growing organism that require a static surface to establish themselves…

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Spring weather 2017: So far it’s Rinse and Repeat

  As we spring toward the end of the calendar winter here in the Great Northwest, We at Wolbert’s Plant Essentials look at the weather forecasts and wring our hands a bit.  The need for dry weather: With no immediate end to this latest wet weather pattern, it becomes increasingly difficult to plan our treatments…

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