Answers and solutions for healthy landscapes

Lawn renovation protocol

Not happy with your lawn and want/ to replace it? The following protocol has stood the test of time and delivered the best results. It does take more time and is more expensive but the end result is well worth it. We recommend the following steps of action: Spray existing grass and weeds.    …

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Mushrooms, toadstools, and Fungi Oh my!

We frequently get calls in spring and fall from folks who are concerned about toadstools in their lawn. At first blush it can be alarming to see a large ”fruiting body’’ emerging from your lawn seemingly overnight. Rest assured, these mushrooms are not damaging and are an indication of the healthy community of mycological processes…

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Anobiid beetles

Structure-infesting anobiids (powder post beetles) occur primarily in older homes that have crawl spaces or damp basements. These beetles also infest outbuildings, such as barns or garages. Wooden support timbers, floor joists, and sub-flooring are commonly infested. The insects will attack new hardwoods (maple, walnut, oak) and softwoods (Douglas-fir, cedar, hemlock) or those that have…

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