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Pink snow mold/Microdochium/Fusarium/Monographella patch

- a plague by many names

A turf sample sent to the WSU Puyallup Plant & Insect Diagnostic Laboratory has confirmed that we have come across several cases of pink snow mold Monographella (Microdochium) patch pathogen.

According to Jenny Rebecca Glass, Plant Diagnostician at WSU Puyallup Plant & Insect Diagnostic Laboratory...

" The late season fertility probably caused the turf to be more actively growing this winter- and thus prone to more damage from the adverse environmental stresses such as the week of frost earlier in the season and this last round of snow. This coupled with ideal pathogen growth conditions associated with the snow cover have likely  promoted the severity of the problem. ."

If you find similar patches in your lawn please contact our office so that we can come up with a solution that will work best for your situation.




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