Odorous house ants

Odorous house ants (OHAs) can access and forage just about anywhere in your
home but are regularly found in kitchens, bathrooms, pantries and utility/laundry
rooms. Ant bait will be placed along their established paths so they feed and carry
the material along with them, preening themselves and other ants, and eventually
spreading the control product molecules among the broader colony. We then apply
an invisible barrier of non-repellent and transferrable material to the perimeter
of your foundation, around posts, deck edges and any other structures they can
potentially climb to access your home. This will assure that any ants crossing the
threshold will eventually be killed.
Because OHAs do not nest in focused colonies like carpenter ants, it is
challenging to rely on a large number of ants to interact and effectively spread the
material. Also, the outdoor populations of OHAs lining up to enter your home can be
in the millions, depending on the dynamics of your landscape.
For this reason, we are not able to extend any kind of lasting warranty for
Odorous house ant control. It is possible that two visits will be enough, but it is
likely that additional treatments will be necessary.
It is imperative that you resist the urge to spray the ants with any kind
of over-the-counter bug spray, as this will repel the ants and splinter the
flow of their movements, disrupting the transference of material we are
counting on.
Please inform us about any movement or shifts in ant activity between
visits so that we don’t miss a chance to place bait in a crucial location.
By design, this treatment takes about two weeks to kill the ants. Ants exposed
to the control product die slowly so they have time to spread the material before
expiring. You may see an increase in ant activity soon after treatment. This is not
unusual and is an indicator that the ants are responding to the mortality among
their ranks.