More surprises… What a year! Microdochium Patch Fungus

Photo above by Josh Burns - Mint Landscape, on 10/12/15 at Indian Summer.

Photo above by Josh McCarty – Mint Landscape, on 10/12/15 at Indian Summer.

What is this?

  • It is Microdochium Patch fungus on Perennial Ryegrass/Bluegrass sod.  While not a new problem this is the earliest we’ve seen infection, much like other weather related surprises this year!

What can be done?

  • Typically this disease has not appeared until December…unfortunately not this year. Excellent control in the past has been gained with two preventive treatments beginning in late October followed by a second treatment four to five weeks later.

Given the early infection we are commencing treatments now and are highly recommending a third application to ensure control through December.

What could happen if the third treatment isn’t applied?

  • Without being able to predict the weather or disease cycles we just don’t know. The extra treatment will prevent infection for at least one month, which should carry through the normal infection period so we highly recommend it.

What about next fall?

  • We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it and make recommendations based on conditions. Hopefully we will be able to return to the two treatment program.To approve the third treatment, please call or email our office and we will add it to your program.


Respectfully submitted,
Neal Wolbert, President
Wolbert’s Inc.
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