Landscape Weed Prevention

Ornamental Beds & Bare-ground Weeds

Say goodbye to weeds…


Enjoy your landscape more, pull weeds less

Our annual program helps stop weeds before they show up.

  • One treatment every 4 months keeps beds free of many weeds.
  • Post (after) – emergence herbicides control existing weeds.
  • Pre (before) – emergence herbicides keep seeds from germinating.
  • We time the treatments for best control.

Stops the frustrating, constant crop of new weeds

  • Existing weeds are treated, turn brown and disappear, no pulling required.  Weed seeds don’t germinate and beds stay clean.
  • Stops the frustrating, constant crop of new weeds.

Control products are applied evenly to the surface of soil or mulch, controlling existing weeds and keeping weed seeds from germinating, successfully stopping the weed-seed-weed cycle year-round.

We take the pain and disappointment of weeding off your shoulders with timely herbicide treatments.


Weeds rob valuable fertilizer and water from your trees and shrubs

Weeds compete for fertilizer and water and usually win! They have high appetites and gobble up the lions share before your desirable plants get what they want. Controlling weeds can save water and fertilizer, and improve aesthetics at the same time.

Save time and money

Hand weeding costs more if you hire someone… back-breaking and time consuming if you do it yourself. Unless you like pulling weeds, this may be a most unpleasant chore. Hiring professional hand-weeding is expensive. An actual customer’s testimony was that our annual three-treatment program cost 50% less than professional hand-weeding for her landscape. Hand weeding cost her more and she was looking at weeds most of the year!

Treatments are safe for your plants, pose no unreasonable risk to you, your pets, wildlife or the environment. Three treatments per year result in nearly weed free conditions…now wouldn’t that be nice to come home to?

Parking and gravel areas, fence lines, around utilities and buildings.

Any bare-ground area can be kept free of weeds.

Any bare-ground area can be kept free of weeds

Bare-ground areas

Parking and gravel areas, fence lines, around buildings, places you don’t want to mow.

Product Information

We carefully spot treat existing weeds with post emergence herbicides which will treat grasses, and broadleaf weeds. We also and apply pre-emergence herbicides to stop weed grasses from germinating, and the to stop broadleaf weeds from germinating for months at a time. Since they never germinate, you never see them, so you enjoy your landscape more…and that is our goal.

Actual product names and MSDS available, just call.

Pre-ordering ensures timely treatments will be made without your involvement.

  • Virtually weed free conditions all year with a customized treatment program.
  • Save time and money over hand pulling or string trimming.
  • Cost effective, safe and beneficial.
  • Free quotes and information anytime.

Pre-landscape treatment.

Before your landscaping begins, we beat the weeds to the punch.

  • Treat before disturbing soil or weeds for best results.
  • Especially important when planting a new lawn. Native grasses won’t spoil the look if we treat before planting.
  • Save money and headaches in the future.

Free quotes.

Noxious weeds.

Some noxious weeds are more than just an ecological issue.

King 5 news reports Poison Hemlock may have caused Tacoma woman’s death
Not only does hemlock invade areas and destroy habitat but it can also cause human and animal deaths. What can you do to help protect our county from this aggressive, deadly killer? Let the noxious weed control board know about where you have seen poison hemlock, check out the Thuston County noxious weed control program’s web site.

We know that there are locations of Poison hemlock throughout Bainbridge Island, a few sites are scattered in central Kitsap and new sites have been identified in South Kitsap over the last year.

If you think you have poison hemlock on your property, please take some digital photos and send them to the noxious weed control program for verification! Be cautious when touching this plant as some people may have an allergic reaction, and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling any portions of the plant.