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Rats: What can we learn from NYC

If you’ve been to New York City, you will understand how sharing the environment with rats is just part of the culture there. Its now true of every major metropolis in the U.S. where man has created the perfect set of conditions to support these adaptive omnivores. These rodents (one who gnaws) have reproduced and…

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Carpet beetles…The gift that keeps on giving.

Every organism in nature has an adaptation, a specialty, a job to do. Carpet beetles are no exception. While termites and carpenter ants are busy breaking down wood debris in the forest, flies and maggots are doing the important work of consuming the fleshy proteins of fallen carcasses. Carpet beetles are sort of the demolition…

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Re-visiting Lawn troubles…weed grasses – poa and velvetgrass

May is the “Go!” month for lawns.  As the soil warms, top growth accelerates and roots grow quickly.  That goes for weed grasses too, like annual bluegrass, velvetgrass, bentgrass and quackgrass.  First up is Poa… From MSU on Poa species; “Annual bluegrass is unique among weeds. There is probably no other weed that is so…

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