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Microdochium patch

microdochium patch Microdochium patch (Microdochium nivale) (sometimes referred to as Fusarium patch in older references) is problematic from fall through early-summer in areas west of the Cascade Mountains. The Pacific Northwest can be the ideal climate for Microdochium patch given the long dew periods, frequent rainfall, and cool, wet weather that persists for much of…

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Red thread

Red thread disease is a fungal infection found on lawns and other turfed areas. It is caused by the corticioid fungus Laetisaria fuciformis and has two separate stages. The stage that gives the infection its name is characterised by very thin, red, needle-like strands extending from the grass blade. These are stromata, which can remain…

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Yikes! My lawn is turning orange! Are your grass blades  coated in an orange-red to yellow/brown dust or spores that resembles rust? Are you able to rub the dust off with your fingers? Do you notice orange or yellow powder/discoloration of your shoes after walking on the affected grass? Information about lawn rust can be found here

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