Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are an ongoing threat to structures in the Pacific Northwest and are the
most common pest ant. “Parent” colonies are established in dead and dying trees where
they assist in the decomposition process by chewing galleries in wood for habitation and
reproduction. Since we build most of our homes from “dead trees”, carpenter ants are
obliged to exploit this nice dry wood as well, and may establish “satellite” colonies in
your home.
Carpenter ant behavior is very subtle and covert. They never trail in large groups like
the Odorous house ant, but move at largely spaced intervals and mostly at night. Only
careful observation will determine whether an established trail is marching into your
home. Established colonies within a structure can be difficult to detect. Often only a
handful of visible ants can indicate a large and thriving colony deeply imbedded in your
We will carefully inspect your home, document our findings and if it is found that
Carpenter ants have colonized, we will propose a treatment to eliminate the infestation.
Treatments are low-toxicity, low volume applications of a non-repellent materials
designed to affect whole ant colonies through transference. The material is applied
around the perimeter of the foundation, around support posts, decks, lattices, arbors,
wherever stairs touch the ground and around sheds and other wood structures. This is a
low-impact, highly effective treatment that is provided with a warranty.