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Rats: What can we learn from NYC

If you’ve been to New York City, you will understand how sharing the environment with rats is just part of the culture there. Its now true of every major metropolis in the U.S. where man has created the perfect set of conditions to support these adaptive omnivores. These rodents (one who gnaws) have reproduced and…

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Winter shows its Teeth

About the time we were starting to see hints of spring teasing us with early blooming plants and robin song, the “Polar Vortex” we had been watching from behind our mountains suddenly nudged us with its icy fingers. Cold air poured in from the north briefly mixing with damp pacific air, dusting the Northwest with…

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Dormant season plant healthcare treatments

With the leaves down and your harvested fruit all canned, pressed or fed to local wildlife, its time to consider wintertime care of your trees and plants. Pruning can be done anytime between leaf fall and the first signs of budding in late winter. Early winter is probably best, so you can enjoy the fruits…

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