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Mushrooms, toadstools, and Fungi Oh my!

We frequently get calls in spring and fall from folks who are concerned about toadstools in their lawn. At first blush it can be alarming to see a large ”fruiting body’’ emerging from your lawn seemingly overnight. Rest assured, these mushrooms are not damaging and are an indication of the healthy community of mycological processes…

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Fall Color, the glorious decline

  Well, its been a fabulous summer, full of plenty of hot days, high water bills and forest fire smoke. (translated: suntans, nice green grass and beautiful sunsets). Those of you who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder are getting out your light therapy lamps or booking that tropical vacation as days grow short and the…

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Carpet beetles…The gift that keeps on giving.

Every organism in nature has an adaptation, a specialty, a job to do. Carpet beetles are no exception. While termites and carpenter ants are busy breaking down wood debris in the forest, flies and maggots are doing the important work of consuming the fleshy proteins of fallen carcasses. Carpet beetles are sort of the demolition…

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