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Winter pruning notes: Less is more

When it comes to tree and shrub pruning, some folks seem to abide by the axiom of “Prune all you want, it’ll grow back”. While in many cases this can be true (English laurel, ivy, wild blackberries), in even more cases, you might be doing irreversible harm. Some general rules of thumb: Only use hedge…

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Landscape treatments and our priorities

It is always a pleasure to pay a call to someone who has just had a landscape project installed and are now looking for services to maintain their investment. Preventive maintenance is always the best course of action and man-made environments will always need mechanical and material inputs to maintain the vision of the original…

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Your trees may be saying “Feed me!”

  Late fall is a great time to apply fertilizer to trees and shrubs. Plants that are growing in manicured or “sterile” landscapes where leaves are routinely picked up and disposed of, are at risk for low fertility and a failure to thrive. Decaying leaves and duff are a good breeding ground for beneficial micro-organisms…

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