2015: a year of extremes

On the first day of winter, waking to the grey, wet gloom, it was easy for me to forget just how warm, dry and long lasting our summer was last year. Record drought and high temps led us to wonder if our “normal” northwest winter weather was becoming a thing of the past.
Enter El Ninõ and the pendulum swung hard in the opposite direction with early record rainfall and heavy snowfall in the mountains. The drought is officially over and there’s enough snowpack to keep our reservoirs full this year.

A sad casualty of the summer heat and drought was the loss of a very high number of trees and plants over the summer with many weakened trees falling due to saturated soils and wind storms. It seems most of our customer’s yard care efforts have been focused on storm cleanup and roof cleaning!

Unfortunately, all this moisture gives rise to some of the landscape problems we deal with often: canker diseases on fruit and flowering trees, excessive moss in turf (and on everything else for that matter), fungus diseases in turf and root disease in trees and shrubs. If you live in an area with poorly drained soils and/or heavily shaded turf, your landscape will be particularly susceptible to these problems.

Some moisture induced problems can be dealt with through mechanical means. Pruning or removing trees to increase sun exposure and air circulation. Correcting drainage to move water away from saturated areas or planting new plants on raised berms to encourage drainage away from roots give long term solutions to moisture problems and more healthy landscapes.

Wolbert’s would be happy to consult with you on site changes and offer solutions for managing these wet weather challenges. We apply winter lawn treatments of fertilizer and pest management including crane fly larvae. Tree and shrub treatments to prevent canker disease on fruit and susceptible shade trees and shrubs are applied during the dormant season as is soil applied SuperRoots bio-fertilizer with root rot fungus control.

We can’t change the weather but we can give your landscape what it needs to get a running start into the 2016 growing season.

Onward into the mist…

Evan Ogden
Senior landscape/structural pest control tech.
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