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This Norway Maple resides at the Wash. State Capitol Campus close to the WWII Memorial. It was chosen for preservation treatments because of its age and its position by the WWII Memorial and the oldest English Oak in the nation growing close by. This tree was planted in the 1920’s as part of the original Olmstead design and has far outlived its expected normal life span of 50 years. The decision to help extend the life of this tree was based not only on its age alone but on its position in the landscape and its historic value. Judging by the shape of this tree with its nearly horizontal low branching and the extensive decay in the trunk and limbs, it was obvious that it needed help or it would surely fail. With the completion of the cabling and bracing project it has a much better chance of standing for many more years to come. Recent articles in The Olympian and the Wall Street Journal featured the innovative work on this tree and others that are in great need and are of great value on the Campus. The slides below show the some of the steps of action taken on these projects.

View World War II Memorial Maple Project


View Sunken Garden Maple Project