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Our past record setting rainy season will not help your lawn now. Your beautiful green turf can turn crispy brown fairly quickly without adequate water. After your lawn is green remember  a half inch every three or four days!

We are seeing serious moisture stress everywhere

It takes less water to keep moisture levels up then it would to bring a brown lawn back to green.


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An important message for our Tree Care customers

Plant fungus disease and rainfall challenges.

Once again, extended wet weather in our area is setting us up for the potential for serious plant fungus infections and damage. As it continues to rain, pathogens are awakened by moisture and rising temperatures, are then splashed or blown onto tender, emerging leaves or blossoms where the damage then begins. 


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Turf and Ornamental Treatment Programs

Unique programs to fit your landscape needs and your lifestyle.

We offer treatments that provide for the nutritional needs of turf, trees and shrubs on residential and commercial properties. Our unique bio-fertilizer products are manufactured in Olympia, WA specifically for golf and landscape care professionals, by our sister company Plant Essentials, LLC .


Structural Pest Management

Home Shield Pest Prevention, is a monitoring and treatment program designed to protect dwellings and structures from wood destroying and nuisance insects and rodents.

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Our Services

Tree & Shrub Care

Treatments throughout the year timed and formulated to keep your landscape healthy and thriving

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Our custom fertilizer and weed control programs will keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all year round

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Landscape Weed Prevention

Our annual program helps stop weeds before they show up.

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Home Shield Pest Prevention

Providing peace of mind and protecting your investment

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Our Own Plant Essentials

Especially formulated for our area

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Seeing Crane Flies?

*Please note that Wolbert's finds that late winter treatments prove most effective for European Crane Fly

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