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Steve Bloom Staff photographer

Standing next to the 170-year-old historic butternut tree on the site of pioneer George Washington Bush's Tumwater farm Tuesday, arborist Ray Gleason (right) talks with farm co-owner Mark Clark about the trunk cracking that has appeared since Sunday, when the weekend storm brought a large section of the tree down. Steve Bloom Staff photographer

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Lawn, tree and shrub care programs designed specifically for the South Puget Sound area.

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Brown patches in your lawn? Testing for moisture stress

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Lawn, tree and shrub care programs designed specifically for the South Puget Sound area.

We offer treatments that provide for the nutritional needs of lawns, trees and shrubs on residential and commercial properties. Our unique bio-fertilizer products are manufactured in Olympia, WA specifically for golf and landscape care professionals, by our sister company Plant Essentials, LLC .

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs are customized for every landscape using both organic and synthetic products with treatments scheduled to protect both plants from pest damage and cooperate with beneficial insects and natural control organisms.

Weed Management programs give long term control of unwanted weeds in beds and bare-ground areas, resulting enhanced enjoyment without mechanical or hand pulling.

Significant Tree Preservation programs provide consulting and treatments that will extend the life of trees and protect them from disease and insects.

Structural Pest Management

Home Shield Pest Prevention, is a monitoring and treatment program designed to protect dwellings and structures from wood destroying and nuisance insects and rodents.

We are family owned, serving homeowners, schools and businesses in this area for over 50 years.

Call Robyn or Kristie, our very competent office team, at 360-491-7711 for more information.

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